Thread Co. began as two dreamers, Katie and Gracie, whose passions for design and marketing collided when we were introduced in 2015.

Together, we wanted to create a clothing company that would provide effortless + quality  items. As we began our journey, we asked ourselves: "if we pay to custom fit our special occasion items, why not custom fit items that we wear in our everyday life?" We then set out to offer a custom element in our design for those who have a harder time finding the right fit.

At Thread Co., we believe the perfect size is YOURS. We want our clothing to compliment each person's unique and individual style. Our goal is to be your go-to favorites for your everyday life.



My design journey started when I was just 8 years old. I would sit in second service of church, drawing up designs and making my own "magazines," dreaming that one day people would buy the clothing I created. I picked up my first sewing needle at 9 years of age, and got my first sewing machine in junior high. I sewed all throughout junior high and high school, increasing my knowledge and technical skills through the fashion classes my school offered. By the end, I was making designs from my own patterns. I went on to get my degree in Apparel Design.   

Not long after graduating college, I ended up moving to Nashville. I quickly found myself surrounded by a strong community of creatives that inspired me to chase after the dream I'd had since I was eight. Throughout college and the years since, I continued in design, taking on custom projects that I was commissioned for. I made things such as a wedding reception dress, homecoming dresses, a wedding dress, bow ties for groomsmen, and many more. I also did small batch manufacturing and pattern making for my cousin's children's clothing company.

All of these amazing opportunities lead me here to Thread Co. My heart behind what I create is for each item to compliment the true, unique beauty and strength that each person holds. I want our clothing to make you feel confident, comfortable, and effortlessly cool. I want it to give you a peace of mind knowing your garment was handcrafted for you in the U.S. Your satisfaction and joy is our priority!  



I was always one of those people who felt OK at a lot of things, but not excellent at anything. I never felt I had a clear sense of what my “gift" was, but I've always been drawn to adventure, new ideas, and creating things that are beautiful.

After earning a degree in Fashion Merchandising & Marketing, I held a series of jobs in the fashion industry that eventually led me to start my first company, Miriam Designs, in the attic of my home. Miriam Designs employed women from local rehabilitation programs to make handmade jewelry. It was the first time I felt totally in my element vocationally & I loved every minute of getting to work with these women & dream up how to grow the company. Two years in, I was approached by another amazing Nashville company about merging as a combined effort to help provide jobs for women across the world. I ended up taking this opportunity, worked there for a year to help transition, and began thinking of what was next for me (insert Thread Co.)

Thread Co. for me is a culmination of many things I am passionate about- like slow fashion, small businesses, and creating a great customer experience for a brand . So I’m sending a special shoutout to all of you who don’t know exactly what your “thing” is. Take risks, dream big, and follow in the direction of things that make your heart race.